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If you're interested in of journalism, here are three ethics things from ONA

Kelly McBride @kellymcb on Oct 7

Poynter's Truth & Trust Chicago: Media Need to Add Nuance, Context to Crime Coverage

chris martin @ctonk144 on Sep 8

poynter's Kelly McBride kicks off truth & trust in the 21st century in Chicago @ 360 Chicago

chris martin @ctonk144 on Sep 4

I'm hosting this: RT : Grab your seat for this Thurs event in : Spots going fast.

Kelly McBride @kellymcb on Sep 2

Everyday Ethics podcasts tackle moral quandaries of the day, so you don’t have to!

saraquinn @saraquinn on 14 May 2014

Rule #1: do no harm; rule #2: fear-mongering is harmful

saraquinn @saraquinn on 1 May 2014

I do. RT : "Journalism is Critical to Democracy" - . Do you agree? @CONX -

Kelly McBride @kellymcb on 1 May 2014

It's true. I'm starting work tomorrow very early.RT : Apr 30th at 2AM EAT!

Kelly McBride @kellymcb on 29 Apr 2014

This article on seemed to paint an entire group of people based on a handful of ex. Is that fair?

craignewmark @craignewmark on 4 Apr 2014

Hey, does need new ethics? More here:

craignewmark @craignewmark on 4 Apr 2014

When is anecdotal reporting enough to support broad conclusions without concrete data?

craignewmark @craignewmark on 4 Apr 2014

The journalism education of Craig Newmark: via

craignewmark @craignewmark on 3 Apr 2014

How news consumers might feel about (fairly typical) reporting.

saraquinn @saraquinn on 3 Apr 2014

Hey, news consumers, how do you interpret stories like this? (talking & with )

craignewmark @craignewmark on 3 Apr 2014

Fact + Anecdote = Ethical Reporting: w/ other great minds.

saraquinn @saraquinn on 3 Apr 2014


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